10 Common Mistakes First-Time Horse Riders Make

hunter jumper lesson

Texas being the hub of grand horse jumping shows, the hunter jumper lessons in Texas are top-rated! Many people enroll themselves on various horseback riding programs. And, it can be difficult taking horseback riding lessons, as novice riders frequently make several blunders. The following are highly typical problems that inexperienced horse riders encounter. Have a look. Are you committing any of these? If yes, please avoid and make your horseback riding lessons easy and convenient.

1. Using Toes to Push the Weight Up and Off the Saddle

While taking horseback riding lessons, riders learn to post the trot. And while learning so, this happens frequently. You rock up and stand on your toes to get out of the saddle. As a result, you will fall behind the trot rhythm. Your horse will be a grumpy, and you will feel unstable & uncomfortable.

 2. Attempting a Difficult Challenge Too Early

One mistake to avoid when taking hunter jumper lessons in Texas or anywhere is taking on a demanding challenge before both you and your horse are prepared. If you don’t know what you’re doing, some tasks, like jumping from a new height or navigating a new obstacle, can be dangerous. If you don’t know how to communicate successfully with your horse, you can find it frustrating to take on other challenges, like learning a new dressage maneuver.

3. Roping Yourself to the Saddle or Horse

Attaching yourself to the horse, the saddle, or the reins is a grave mistake. By roping yourself, you raise your risk of being pulled, which could cause much more severe damage than simply falling to the ground.

4. Tight Grip on the Reins

Holding the reins extremely tight can cause tension in the rider and be highly uncomfortable for the horse, mainly when used with short reins. The importance of having soft hands cannot be overstated.

5. Holding your Breath

It happens frequently, not just to newcomers but to all horse riders. Riders anxious or learning something new often don’t realize they are holding their breath. It could make you feel tense.

6. Not Sitting in the Right Posture

While taking horseback riding lessons, and even after that, posture is much more crucial than usual. It all comes down to balance when riding a horse and having a comfortable and supportive saddle. Hunching your shoulders over might affect your horse’s balance, making your seat unstable and uncomfortable.

7. Looking Down or at the Horse

This is one of the most common and dreadful mistakes. You cannot see your destination if you are looking down. Your seat and spine become more rigid due to your neck being bent, and your head is lowered. Your horse will find it more challenging to carry you if your body is stiff.

8. Keeping your Elbows Out

Many new riders struggle to balance and lift their hands, arms, and elbows to stabilize their upper bodies. These movements make it challenging to maintain a stable balance, move naturally with the horse, and utilize your hands correctly.

9. Digging your Feet Too Deep in Stirrups

Beginners frequently find their feet inserted too far into the stirrups, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous. The stirrup tread should be in contact with the broadest part of your foot; it shouldn’t be pressed against the heel of your boot.

10. Gripping Tightly with your Legs

It is not a good habit to squeeze your horse with your upper or lower leg because it will make you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, as your legs weary and you start to sway, your horse can interpret this as a cue to move forward.

As a rider starts, horseback riding could seem intimidating. Remember, safety is always the top issue. Your horse can move comfortably and confidently if you are at ease and moving with him in a natural hand, body, and leg position. Remember that practice makes perfect, and move slowly at all times. Try Comly Sport Horses; it provides the best hunter jumper lessons in Texas. They are renowned for their expert horseback riding lessons.