10 Expert Tips to Reduce Horseback Riding Anxiety

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One would imagine that anyone who enjoys horseback riding would anticipate the thrill of getting into the saddle with great enthusiasm. However, you are not alone if you experience rising tension, fear, or anxiety before a ride. For many horse riders, anxiety is an uncomfortable fact, but anxieties don’t have to rule your life. Comly Sport Horse is the best horse jumping barn in Texas. Our horse training service experts make sure that you enjoy and look forward to getting on the horse and enjoying your riding lessons.

You can have a strong desire to accomplish something while also being quite apprehensive about doing it. We’ll give you some ideas specially curated by our experts for reducing riding anxiety in this article. It’s time to make some changes if your anxieties are making it tough for you to get hunter jumper lessons successfully.

1. Stop Pushing Yourself

There is no point in pushing yourself to the limits. It would only get your nerves developing increased pressure and tension. You have to decide your limit and stop when you have reached the saturation point.

2. Stay Calm and Composed

Horses act as mirrors to our moods; they can start to feel anxious or happy as per your mood. So it is better to keep yourself calm and composed so that the horse remains calm and you could enjoy your ride.

3. Do Some Breathing Exercises

If you are feeling anxious or having a panic attack; try doing some breathing exercises as it helps in calming your nervous systems. Every exercise has a different effect on everyone; do any kind of exercise that suits you.

4. Picture a Positive Approach

Picturing yourself getting on the saddle and enjoying a safe and pleasurable ride is the kind of approach you need to take before your riding lessons. It will not only make you feel good but also keep anxiety at bay.

5. Communicate with Your Horse

Try to spend more time with your horse initially; this will help you in understanding how the horse feels and behave. You can even watch some videos or even read books to build some communication with the horse.

6. Address Your Body

Before you get on with your riding lessons make sure that your body is in good shape. You should consider doing strength training for building stamina, combined with fixing any old injuries you have.

7. Describe Your Nemesis

Negative self-talk has a significant impact on your self-esteem and ability to learn. If you have a hyperactive brain, try naming it, and asking that little voice to go away can help you develop some confidence.

8. Do Not Listen To Others

The first rule of keeping your mind straight and keeping anxiety at bay is to stop listening to that other rides have to say. Every rider and their riding style are different in comparison to you, so do not listen or comparison to others.

9. Practice To Fall

Though it may seem funny there is a proper technique to fall from a horse. You need to practice different falling techniques with mats or simulator machines.

10. Do Not Rush

Rush and anxiety buildup are two things that trigger one another. Stop rushing for your riding lessons and try by arriving early, which would give you enough time to relax and prepare yourself.

If you are still skeptical and have anxiety issues we would advise you to visit Comly Sport Horse – one of the most trusted horse jumping barns in Texas and areas surrounding it. These points can help you keep your anxiety checked and you can enjoy riding without any hassle or worries.