5 Best Tips For Safe Trail Ride With Your Horse

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A safe trail ride with your horse is exciting, adventurous, and a great way to be with other horse riders in your area. It is also a great way to bond with your four-legged friend. However, a trail ride is not about just one event. To make it enjoyable and safe for both you and your horse, you need to takes some preparations. Here are 6 safety tips to make your trail ride a blissful experience.

1. Get Your Horse Checked

Get your horse checked up thoroughly by an expert veterinarian ahead of time. This should be your first step towards preparing for a ride. Make sure your horse is physically fit and fine for the rides and training you have in mind. If your adventure involves crossing a state line, an updated health certificate is a must. There will be various pathogens along the road and mosquitos. So, don’t forget to get your horse vaccinated. Away from the commercialized roads, you don’t want your horse to get sick. Our advice is that you take a few necessary vaccinations as well, just for safety.

2. Take Your Horse Out For Practice Rides

Taking your dear horse out of the stables and directly to the trail may not be a wise option. No matter how well your horse is trained, they need to be reminded and get used to rusty rides. It will help you as well to get better control over your horse on the road. Get him/her out for a few routine rides, preferably with 2-3 of the riding companions you are planning to go with on the trail. Let your horse get used to being around other horses. Freshen up your horse’s responses and respectfulness before you go out on the trail.

3. Practice Easy Trails

It can be exciting to think about long trail rides with a group of rider friends. However, if you haven’t done it before with your horse, you need some practice. So before you set out for the final ride, plan a few smaller rides in some matching environment as expected. Are you expecting to cross shallow waters? Or walking into dark woods? Take a few low-key spins around your own area first, try to find small trails involving the kind of experience you are looking for. Cross water, step over logs, and go up and downhills for practice.

4. Pack A Survival Kit

Depending on how long you will be riding and through what trails, you need to pack water, snacks, and medicines. Use lightweight saddlebags and survival gears that you carry on you. Prepare for the worst and enjoy the best experience. Have the trail map and a fox-40 whistle on you for emergencies. Pack things like the strike-anywhere matches, air-tight, water-proof containers, mosquito repellents, etc.

5. Talk To Your Horse!

We at Comly Sport Horses, always advise you to talk to your horses for better experiences. We are the horse jumping barn having experience in training horses for all prestigious riding shows. A rider must respect the ride and make sure the horse respects him/her. Be vocal when walking around horses and let them know your position by your voice. They have sensitive hearing and can become very protective, territorial, and nervous. Learn to calm your horse and avoid jumping on it suddenly. Always approach them with a signature voice that makes them feel comfortable and know your presence.

Befriend your horse spending more time with him. Better coordination results in a great performance. Happy Comly Sports in Texas helps you train for the next horse show. Our perfect horse jumping barn facilities improve a horse’s performance and strengthen the partnership. Check out our Warmblood horses for Sale!