Five Horse Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard of!

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Texas is a hub of hunter horses for sale or jumper horses for sale. You can find multiple breeds of horses. But, do you know there are hundreds of horse breeds worldwide, and some are sure to be more popular than others? But, some are yet to be known by the people. In a whole nation, there might only be a little number. Although these breeds are less common than the horses we encounter on a daily basis, they have fascinating histories. Each individual has a unique story explaining how they came to be so scarce. Scroll down and see if you recognize any of these?

1. Akhal-Teke

The Akhal-Teke is frequently referred to as the “supermodel” or “greyhound” of the horse world because of its ultra-sleek, finely-boned characteristics. However, there is also more than a hint of the Thestrals from the Harry Potter books in this breed. The metallic sheen to these weird but lovely horses’ coats, brought on by the peculiar structure of their hairs, which actually bends light to produce the shimmering appearance, is what draws the most attention. They are one of the oldest and rarest breeds of horses. Originally bred by tribesmen in Turkmenistan to traverse the desert, they are now effectively employed in endurance, dressage, and other sports.

2. Zanskari

The Zaniskari is a unique pony breed that originated in the hilly northern area of India- Ladakh. It has evolved to live at high altitudes and can withstand temperatures as low as -40 °F. Though they can also be black, chestnut, or bay, they are frequently grey. A Zaniskari horse typically stands between 11.3 and 13.3 hands tall. The Zaniskari are well-liked polo and riding ponies in India, known for their steadiness and stamina.

3. Georgian Grande

To resurrect the old Saddlebred type, Saddlebreds were mixed with Drafts and Friesians in the 1970s. a horse with massive bones, a kind heart, and exquisite elegance. Since the registry’s inception in 1994, these horses have become common sights at horse exhibits, medieval reenactments, and even as police horses! You can even find them in jumper horses for sale in Texas.

4. Caspian Horses

Caspian horses are an Iranian native breed that resembles Arabs but stands no taller than 12.2hh. They were believed to have gone extinct centuries ago until they were found thriving in the wild in the Elburz Mountains near the Caspian Sea in the 1960s. Periodically, residents of the isolated village of Amol would catch them and employ them as workhorses. Although it is believed that there are still wild Caspian horses roaming close to the settlement, they have now been produced all over the world, including in the UK. They are still mostly employed for driving, despite having once been used to pull the king of the Persian Empire’s chariots.

5. Nokota

A slice of living history was contained inside the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the 1950s when horses were unintentionally walled in. The war ponies of Sitting Bull are supposed to be the ancestors of the breed. These already hardy horses were rendered even more resilient by North Dakota’s harsh winters, scorching summers, and challenging terrain. In the 1980s, two brothers purchased horses from the National Park to prevent them from being put to death, thus saving the breed. Less than 1,000 Nokota horses are still in existence today.

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