Mistakes First Time Horse Owners Should Avoid

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Are you considering purchasing your first horse? Or perhaps you have previously done so and are discovering that you are making mistakes. They can be costly not just in terms of money, but also in the form of lost efforts and time. In any case, many mistakes are avoidable if you realize what they are. Before starting on to your hunter jumper lessons, let’s go over some of the mistakes that first-time horse owners should avoid.

Purchasing The Wrong Type of Horse

The first mistake that many first-time horse owners make is picking the wrong horse. If you are inexperienced and picked an Arabian high mount, it will only add in more complications. Picking out your first horse isn’t an easy task, but there are three basic things to consider. These are your budget, experience, and goals.

Insurance For You and The Horse

Whether you are taking hunter jumper lessons in Texas on your stallion or just want to enjoy a ride on it; getting yourself and the horse insured is vital. Horseback riding is an extreme sport and unexpected incidents can take place anytime. It is better to ask your insurance company which caters to your requirements of insurance involving you and your horse. You can also opt-in for public liability insurance as animals are unpredictable.

Inappropriate Clothing and Accessories

The first thing your instructor will tell you when you book your hunter jumper lessons is to invest in proper clothing for horse riding. To protect yourself, invest in long trousers or jodhpurs and steel-toed boots with half an inch heel. Make sure your helmet is ASTM or SEI-certified as well.

Unaware of Basic Horse Grooming

Just having experience in riding a horse does not matter if you are not aware of basic horse grooming techniques. Make sure that you invest some time in learning their body language and grooming requirements. Basic horse care includes proper grooming, picking out hooves before riding, hoof care, and providing proper nourishment as per your horse requirement.

Not knowing Basic First Aid

It is ideal if you have a first aid kit on the premises for both you and your horse. Learn how to give your horse first aid in a variety of situations before the vet arrives and how you can help him. In the event of an accident, having a basic understanding of first aid and how to respond to emergencies can save your life.

Remember to be open-minded even when talking to more experienced horse owners. As a first-time horse owner, don’t be shy of visiting the Comly Sport Horse barn and asking for help instead of trying everything yourself. We offer premium hunter jumper lessons in Texas and have full training and boarding barn. Our world-class trainer will help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams by providing you with a strong foundation in classical riding.