5 Steps to Gain Confidence for Warmblood Horse Riding

Warmblood Horses For Sale Texas, USA

The state of your mind plays an important role in everything you pursue and warmblood horse riding is no different. Your confidence finds a reflection through your horse riding and controlling abilities. Here are 5 steps to gain confidence for warmblood horse riding.

Step 1. Spend more time with your horse

Befriend your horse spending more time with him. It helps you both with understanding the behavior and body language of each other. Better coordination results in a great performance. It’s easier said than done. So, are you ready to put into a great deal of effort after buying the pet from a hunter or jumper horse for sale? If you are a beginner or don’t have a spacious barn for practice nearby, consider taking assistance of horse boarding and training classes. If you stay in Dallas Texas, you can bank on Comly Sport Horses for the same. We maintain a 150 x 200 Outdoor Arena, 12 x 12 Matted Stalls, and a Large Round Pen. Along with providing horse riding training, we also provide a healthy environment for horses and riders.

Step 2. Ride bareback

It may surprise many, but it helps you understand the body of your horse and its natural movement, which is important for you as a rider. Learn to establish a perfect balance in different conditions – strolling, running, and jumping. Temporarily replace your saddle with a soft but thin cushioning fabric to avoid the piercing hair of the horse stimulating any skin itching.

Step 3. Focus on your goal – favorite sports

Remember, practice makes a person perfect. However, you should do it with a mission. Endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, or something else – no matter what sports you love the most, to master it and gain confidence you must practice it more.

Step 4. Pay attention to horse confirmation 

Your balancing is linked with the balancing of the horse. When you buy your pet from any hunter horses for sale, or go for warmblood horse imports, perform a close confirmation examination of the horse to know how well the horse body is built to favor balance. The warmblood horses for sale have a 1:1:1 ratio amidst their shoulder, back, and hip. The perfect anatomy contributes to your balance. Once you are confident that you are safe, you can achieve your goals.

Step 5. Visualize things 

Excessive analysis stimulates fear. Overcome it with visualization. If you have a height phobia, imagine you have long legs that easily reach the ground. Imagine you have a parachute kind of thing attached that can lift you if a sudden need arises. Imagine the arena is a giant colorful ball pit like you’d see at a kids’ party. If you fell off your horse, it wouldn’t hurt at all – it’d be funny! These mental images calm your breathing and nervous system so your ‘lizard brain’ understands perceives that you are safe.