5 Things to Do for Your Horse When You Can’t Ride on a Rainy Day!

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While riding season comes around the corner, the warmblood horse imports in Texas take a hike. You can see hunter jumper horses for sale in Texas, all around! Many of you start riding practice regularly. But, the rainy days sometimes obstruct the way! Although we are always happy to see spring arrive, the spring showers can keep us and our horses indoors for extended periods of time on a rainy day. Though it’s not a bad idea, still, you don’t have to stay inside and watch cookery shows on rainy days. Instead, spend your time engaging in these rainy-day activities that are ideal for horse lovers.

Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Put Your Tack Trunk in Order

A mess of leather objects, soiled polo wraps, and worn-out granola bar wrappers! Despite our best efforts, a tack trunk can become a catch-all junk trunk due to busy schedules and little time at the barn. Why not invest the time you would have spent on a class to tidying your personal space instead, if you are unable to ride on a certain day? When your equipment is organized and spotless, you’ll enjoy your time at the barn much more, and every time you open your trunk, you’ll say “ah…” rather than “blah…” Grab a vacuum and some empty boxes and clean inside your own tack room if you’re fortunate enough to have one instead of a trunk.

Help your Horse Learn a Trick

Does your stallion know how to kiss you? Make a photogenic smile? Trick training can be carried out in the convenience of your stall, paddock, or crossties. There are many free resources online, including books, DVDs, and even trainers. It will help you improve your communication skills while making your horse think of it as a pleasant game.

Make Accessories for your Horse

Jewelry made of horsehair. Horseshoe paperweight with paint and jewels. Dress up your tack bag, box, and brushes. Create a calendar or binder for horses. Create photo albums or collages. The list is endless!

Prepare for Horse Jump Show Season

Spring signals the beginning of horse jumping show season, so on a rainy day, research show dates, think about classes, make travel plans, and make a list of necessary horse show supplies like new grooming equipment, tack, buckets, etc. Make plans after speaking with friends to find out who is attending which performances. Use some of your downtimes on rainy days to complete as much of your show-related paperwork as you can. If you are looking forward to the warmblood horse imports in Texas, this could be the best time to fetch the details about the same. It’s easy to become behind on horse-related paperwork and records.

Groom Your Horse

You can still brush even if you can’t ride! Take care of the manes, tails, and dirt stains by pulling out the grooming supplies. Work on any stubborn patches of winter coat that your horse may still be holding onto, and while you’re doing it, have fun! For people who are keeping an eye on Hunter Jumper Horses Sale in Texas and looking forward to selling their warmblood horses, this can be a good time-saving job, rather than doing it last minute.

Let us know how you would like to spend your rainy day while you can’t ride your stallion!

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