Beginner Tips for the Equestrian’s First Trip to the Gym

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Strength and stability of your body are put on test!

Whether it’s a hunter horse show or jumper horse show – you have to become compatible with your horse which is the epitome of both. If you wish to build an admiring body like a Hunter Derby Rider or Grand Prix Rider, you can have it off course. However, remember, Rome was not built in a day. The endeavour demands determination and consistency.

If you are a beginner to the horse sports, and are heading to a gym first time, here is all that you need to know.

1.Make a Fitness Strategy

Set the goal and its key milestones. Creating a list of exercises, you feel the most confident doing, and some you want to improve or learn would be helpful.Keep exercises that help you gain strength and stability both. Fundamental exercises like squats, push-ups and lat pull-down that improve body joints and muscles are a must have. Dumbell and weight exercises contribute a lot to your strength building. Start with the basic of any exercise in pre-defined set or repetition and then move to the variation or advanced ones.

2. Stretching Ensures a Healthy Beginning

Perform exercises pertaining to the movement of neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, and leg – it will help you to know that all joints are free of any kind of ailments, and you are ready to start the exercise. Focus on stability and balancing as well. If require take help of any object or equipment nearby to support your body while doing so. Stretching should be part of your daily routine before you move to the core set of Equestrian gym program.

3.Avoid Trying Too Many Things

Motivation and curiosity are at peak when you begin something new. You are curious to know the advantages of everything and want to try all. However, this should not be the case. Take help of your trainer to know what is right for you to begin, how much effort should you make, stress to endure, what you should avoid. It will help you avoid unnecessary stress and move forward to your goal – Hunter Derby Rider.

4.Know Your Limit

Beginner should also keep in mind their capacity. Do not burn all of your calories on a few initial exercises. Retain energy to perform all the different exercises have got in your fitness regimen. The same is true for your pet as well. If you go on horse show jumping practice, don’t make it overwork.

5.Avoid Common Mistakes

Take help of your gym trainer to know the correct form to perform an exercise. Most of the times, beginners being unaware of the right forms keep repeating the same mistakes which does more harm than good to their body.

6.Overcome Your Nervousness

Getting nervous – is a common problem of any equestrian. This weakness takes a toll on your entire strengths and capacity. It affects body and mind both. How to overcome nervousness. The best answer is practice. Practicing with your horse for a brief time everyday drives the fear out of the mind, and you are able to gain the confidence.