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How to Choose the Perfect Horse-Riding Outfit for Your First Lesson

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Horse riding is an amazing and rewarding life skill to have, it teaches you about patience, teamwork, improves body strength, balance and it’s great for your mindset too; the list goes on. What to wear? How to hold the reins? What if you fall off the horseback? These are very few usual questions that come […]

Horse Riding Exercises for Beginners: How to Improve Riding Aids?

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Learning the fundamentals of horse riding is an essential part of becoming a good rider. It requires strong will power and a lot of coordination right from head to toe. While enrolling in the horse-riding course, some of the following exercises can help you in improving your skills. Each one works best if you use […]

How to Get into Equestrian Sports

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There are many different career options to choose from, but becoming a horse rider can be one of the exciting things to do. The equestrian industry has boomed quickly in the last few years, and many barn owners to horse riders are coming up with the new coaching services with a wide variety of skills. […]