Do You Know You Can Ride A Horse Without Owning One?

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It has been your lifelong dream to ride on a stallion and rode off to an exotic location. But you live in a busy city, have a 9-5 job situation, and it’s even illogical to think to change your entire life situation to own a horse. If you are dealing with this dilemma, let me take away your worries. No, you do not need to own a horse to ride a horse. Every horse barn suggests that you take lessons first and then buy a horse. So consider yourself as one of the horse riding enthusiasts. If beginner riders can ride a horse without owning one in the first place, so do you.

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Enjoy Horse Riding When You Can’t Buy One:

1. Enroll in Horse Riding lessons

There’s no age to learn a new skill and even if you are an experienced rider, the horse riding instructors won’t give you a judgmental look. A true horse person is always learning. They are extremely fascinating animals and you can take lessons at any time of your life. You can take either group lessons or private lessons. Arrive early and spend time with the horses at the barn. You will get the feeling of owning a horse, taking care of them, and also ride them. Problem solved!

2. Have You Ever Heard Of “Catch Ride”?

If you are good at horse riding and become an active member of the barn family, you can get yourself the opportunities to catch rides. Catch riding means getting the option to ride a horse for a show, without knowing or owning that horse. So, you must be good enough at riding to handle the horses without knowing or training with them. Many horse owners are unavailable to attend or ride their horses in the shows. That’s where you can jump in.

3. Lease a Horse

Leasing a horse means, you don’t have to buy one or spending as much time as owning one. Contact your Local Texas horse barn and lease a horse. Or, you can contact a horse owner. You can lease and ride the horse 3-4 times a week in exchange for money or you can offer your services to cut off the fees. Barns can also accept your services and let you lease a horse for free. Get your negotiation game on.

4. Volunteer at Horse Rescue Centers

As much adorable and amazing as the horses are, there are many that end up in abusive circumstances, or horse owners simply can’t afford to keep them. These beautiful beasts then end up in the rescue center. The rescue centers take care of the horses and need volunteers to spend quality time around the horses, maintain them, train them, etc. If you love horses, there’s nothing nobler than this. A talented rider may also get the opportunity to get quality riding time with the rescued horses.

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