Horse Riding Exercises for Beginners: How to Improve Riding Aids?

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Learning the fundamentals of horse riding is an essential part of becoming a good rider. It requires strong will power and a lot of coordination right from head to toe. While enrolling in the horse-riding course, some of the following exercises can help you in improving your skills. Each one works best if you use it in coordination with the others.

Film Your Posture Before Your Start

Horse Riding Exercises
Before starting your exercise, let someone video your position. If you have no one to video your movement, the mirror can solve the purpose. Do this on a regular basis to check how much improvement is there in your posture. Is your heel aligned with your hip? If not, check that you are not lunging in the forward direction with your body while swinging your legs back. Sit in front of the mirror and check if your knees are pointing forward in the same direction as the toe. If you are still uncomfortable in achieving the perfect posture for horse riding, this is where Happy Comly will help you to do that.

Rotational Arm Exercises

It is the basic body exercise to improve your body poster. Usually, it is performed during a lunge lesson. Rotating the arms in a circular motion with a front to back rotation from the shoulder can help improve upper body posture and balance. You can do this exercise of the lunge – one arm at a time by transferring the reins into one hand.

Hand Behind the Back

Widen your arm to the one side with a stretch and then place it behind the back with your palm facing outwards. It is a good exercise while sitting on the horse as it helps in making balance and a good posture. It lets the rider focus on feeling the lower back movement which is the body part where the shock absorbency comes from.

Lose the Stirrups

Riding Exercises
In the beginning, a great exercise is advised. The learners are asked to kick free their stirrup and salvage them without looking down while walking. This activity will help you in good stead as every rider loses their stirrup at some of the time while riding. The stirrups help a rider stabilize in the saddle, letting them to better use their legs and, when required, redistribute the weight.

Lifting the Legs

This can be practiced on the horseback or free if the rider is secure enough and the horse is predictable and quiet. Take your feet out of the stirrup and slowly lift the legs. Start with one leg at a time. it is great for riders who tend to pitch forward and help re-position the rider onto the right part of their seat.

Rolling Toe Circles

With both feet out of the stirrup, lift your toes in the air and roll them into the circles clockwise and anti-clockwise. This activity helps in improving body balance and promotes flexibility of the ankles.

Follow the Master

Horse Riding Trainer
Learning horse riding is not an easy task. Appoint someone experienced and you will see the changes, transitions while becoming a master yourself. With extensive experience in horse riding training, Comly Sports Horses is the best choice for learning horse riding with ease.