How Horses Can Help Teens Overcome Mental Health Issues

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According to WHO, approximately 3.6% of 10 to 14-year-olds and 4.6% of 15 to 19-year-olds suffer from anxiety. And 2.8% of teenagers aged 15 to 19 and 1.1% of adolescents aged 10 to 14 experience depression. Rapid and unexpected mood fluctuations are among the symptoms that both depression and anxiety share. Such mental health issues are increasing in teenagers regularly.

Multiple therapies help cure teenagers’ anxiety, depression, and other similar problems. And one of them is Equine Therapy or Equine Program. Some people also know it as Horse therapy. Horseback riding lessons can work wonders when you might not even expect them to work! Multiple types of research have shown that equine programs can significantly positively impact children dealing with a range of mental health problems, including trauma, depression, and addiction.

Interacting with horses through horseback riding lessons or equine-assisted Therapy can enhance one’s general mental health and interpersonal interactions. You can look for various horseback riding lessons or hunter jumper lessons in Texas. Equine-assisted Therapy can build and better several traits in teens through horseback riding lessons. Confidence, self-esteem, sympathy, leadership, self-control, trust in others, self-efficacy, empathy, emotional control, etc., are few to name!

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How does the Equine Program or Horse Therapy Work?

Equine Programs or horse therapy help a multitude of people! But, it is much more effective in curing and improving children suffering from mental health issues.
Equine Therapy includes working with horses or taking horseback riding lessons. It is said to be therapeutic and helps teenagers overcome mental health issues like anxiety, depression, insecurity, lack of confidence, etc.

Children can learn about leadership and controlling their behavior by working with horses. Horses seek a leader to make them feel protected because they are predatory animals. Horses are excellent at communicating nonverbally; if they sense a threat or are insecure, they will flee. Hence, while taking horseback riding lessons, children can observe the instant result of responding positively to the horse because horses can understand emotion. In this sense, a horse can serve as a teaching tool for your teenager to know how their actions affect other people.

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Working with horses can aid children’s emotional growth in various ways, from making them feel more confident in themselves to helping them recover from trauma. As they take horseback riding lessons, they become aggressive in their instructions and choices; kids can develop self-confidence. There are multiple options for hunter-jumper lessons in Texas; you can look and enroll your teenager in training. While spending time with horses, your child can build a bond with the horse.

Horseback riding teaches children to cooperate with it to achieve trust, which can then translate to other relationships. Additionally, in a low-risk setting, this connection can aid struggling kids in cultivating affection and empathy. Mental Health issues are common nowadays and can happen to anyone. But don’t worry; your teenager can bounce back with positivity. Visit Comly Sport Horses for horseback riding lessons and see your child thriving like a rainbow.

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