How To Choose The Absolute Horse for Beginner Riders

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Horses can respond instantly to commands. They have lightning-fast reflexes and 360-degree vision. However, there are many different types of horses for riding, and not all are suitable for beginners. Horses present a challenge to keep healthy and happy. So, choosing the right horse is essential for you and your beginner riding partner to have a happy experience. Sometimes, it takes more than just a good horse to make you a good rider. Here are five expert tips for choosing the right horse.

1. Choose the Right Horse Size- Height & Weight

  • How To Choose the Right Height?

Horses are measured in hands. 1 hand is equivalent to 4 inches. There aren’t any rigid rules when it comes to selecting the suitable/ideal height horse. The primary thing to acknowledge is your height so it’s not too much for your horse and it doesn’t get injured while you are on them. We’ll cover more in this regard in the next point. However, it comes down to personal preferences as well. Several people favor riding ponies, which are anything less than 14.2 hands tall. On the other hand, several prefer larger draft horses which may range from 16 to 19 hands in height.

Always keep in mind, the higher you are off the ground, the more height you have to fall from, in the event of an accident. Additionally, it can be challenging for a smaller individual to mount a giant horse. This can be particularly ambiguous if you’re out in a field without a mounting block.

  • How To Choose the Right Weight?

Studies like this one have shown that horses are the most comfortable when carrying around 15 to 20% of their ideal body weights. Once you get into the 25% range and greater, horses start demonstrating significant signs of physical stress and fatigue. As you start the process of choosing a horse, calculate its weight plus the weight of the riding equipment. Keep this number handy to compare it to the total weight of the horse that you are considering purchasing.

Something important to note is that the 15 to 20% rule applies only to healthy horses that are in their prime, so the horse you are taking into consideration is very young or very old, you should exercise more caution on the side of less weight.

2. Choose the Right Horse Breed

With approximately 350+ breeds of horses and ponies globally today, there are many options to choose from. Each different breed comes with its pros and cons, so you should do some due diligence to decide which breed is right for you. Here are some of the most famous breeds of horses to choose from.

  • Quarter Horse
  • Arabian
  • Thoroughbred
  • Morgan
  • Tennessee Walker
  • Draft Breeds

3. Choose a Horse that Suits Your Personality

Although some horse breeds are known for their calm personalities and others are known to be more energetic. There are personality variations within each horse breed as well. It can be very challenging to tell a horse’s personality after only seeing them a couple of times. That is why one should ask the horse jumping barn you are purchasing from. Jumper horses for sale are often feasible, but you should always speak to several people that have been around the horse to get an honest opinion.

If you can’t attain much information about their personality, you can always request a trial period with the horse to see if they’re a good fit for you. The owner may or may not opt for this, but it never hurts to ask if you want a little extra time to make a decision.

However, keep in mind that it takes time and commitment to building a bond with a horse. Never return or sell a horse at the first sign of trouble you have, take time to know your riding partner and build a good connection.

4. Choose a Horse that Matches the Rider’s Experience Level

One of the well-known rules in horse communities is that one should never match a green horse with a beginning rider. Doing so is only asking for trouble. A beginner rider should always begin with a horse that has an ideal amount of experience.

5. Choose a Horse that Corresponds Your Riding Goals

As you commence searching for your horse, you should take some time to think about your long-term riding goals nicely. If your objective is to compete in high-level sports or equine competitions, choose a horse in its prime with many strong years of riding ahead of them.

So, here were five expert tips for choosing the right horse for a beginner Grand Prix Horse Rider. At Comly Sport Horses, it is ensured that you get the perfect horse as per your preference in a way that benefits both you and the horse. So, what are you waiting for?