How To Choose The Perfect Outfit For Your Horse Riding Lessons?

hunter jumper lessons

Are you ready to get to your very first hunter jumper lessons? But what to wear for your riding lessons? Fret not! We are sharing today what to wear and what to invest in. You don’t need to buy a lot of gear and costumes on day 1.

Perfect Outfit For First Horse Riding Lessons:

Go with something comfortable and easy to carry. Following the cowboys may be the best option. The old Hollywood movies or the new ones? Doesn’t matter. What you need to understand is the basics of their dressing. Let’s break it down—a pair of leather pants or jeans and a breezy cotton shirt or a polo shirt. This classic dress code has its benefits when it comes to horseback riding.

The pants must be comfortable enough to ride up the horse but also hug your legs so that your trainer can instruct you about the posture. The tight pants that you see people wearing for horseback riding are also important for safety measures. Relatively baggy pants can be dangerous as the flaps might get caught, or your foot or lower leg could get stuck in the stirrup. The skinny ridding pants also offer more contact with the horse and therefore, more control. The classic leather pants may be too much but a pair of good jeans can never hurt. Also, make sure that the material is smooth as rough materials can be uncomfortable for both you and the horse.

For the upper body, go with something sporty and not so skimpy. Incorporate thin layers together so that you can take off a layer or two if it feels warm after a few rounds in the arena. Also, in the colder months, you can increase the number of layers accordingly. Heavy jackets are better not to consider as they would constraint your movements and also increase the weight to be carried by the horse.

Bottom Line: Go comfortable with a sensible pair of jeans and shirt, preferably coving your elbows. Your trainer can hook you up with elbow and knee guards. Talk to the horse training services you chose.

What Shoes To Wear For Horse Riding?

Again, you don’t need to invest a lot if it’s your first time riding a horse. Go with any comfortable strong boots. Running shoes are not a good option when it comes to riding. It might be a good idea to have a small heel as it helps to rest your feet through the stirrup and would prevent slipping. Tight boots on the other hand, such as hiking boots, are a big ‘No’. As your training progresses, invest in some good riding boots to level up.

What Are The Clothing Accessories For Hunter Jumper Lessons To Invest In?

  1. Gloves: If it’s winter, gloves are mandatory. Even in the warmer months, gloves are good choices to avoid painful rein rubs and for a sturdier grip.
  2. Riding Hat: Not the fancy cowboy hats but the ones that can protect your head, much like helmets. Absolutely essential!
  3. Whip: Helps to back up your leg aid as your riding progresses. Also, it will help to encourage a lazy horse.
  4. Paddock Boots or Riding Boots: Once you are progressing in your hunter jumper lessons and are absolutely sure to continue on the path, invest in some good Paddock boots, preferably coming up to your knees almost.