How to Connect With Your Horse Better With The Art of Equine Energy Exchange?

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Most of the methods employed today to train horses are built on technical knowledge. Many people look for a one-size-fits-all solution for training horses, only to be disappointed later. One of the unexplored means to connect with our equine friends is the art of equine energy exchange. One of the guiding principles of this art is that all life on this planet is energy. When we learn to channelize our energy and connect with the life around us, it can open up a whole new dimension that can help us connect with our horse on a deeper level. You can apply this art when you are checking out warmblood horses for sale next.

One of the key things to understand when applying this art is that horses are highly sensitive to the energy field around them. They have a heightened sense of awareness of the feelings, emotions, and intentions of the people they come in contact with, on both conscious and subconscious levels. They mirror back what is offered to them. So, to get what we want from them, we have to be the giver first. Read on to learn some tips on how to use the art of equine energy exchange to enhance your horse’s skills and well-being.

Take it Easy

Our busy lifestyle today demands us to hustle and get things done fast. But that is not how it works when it comes to our equine friends. When you spend time with your horse, pause for a while and just ‘be’ with him in that moment and space. If your mind is not calm, your horse can sense it and will mirror back the same behavior.

When you touch your horse, do it gently and caress him from a place of understanding and love. As you do so you can feel the horse release its tension and will respond to your gentle caress with understanding. Touch has therapeutic energy and horses respond to it amazingly well. It helps to create a strong bond of connection with the equine.

Watch your Breath

Our breathing patterns have a profound effect on the horses. By working on our breathing, we communicate our intentions with the horse and connect with them in a better way. Deep breathing help in expanding our aura and can send subtle energy signals into our surroundings. You can try this technique when you are at an exhibition of jumper horses for sale. Take a few deep breathes and calm your mind when you are with the horse.

Let go of all thoughts and simply be there in the moment. Look into the eyes of the horse with love and care as you caress his neck. Horses can sense the vibe of a person and as long as you come from a place of love, you can feel the change of body language of the horse toward you. Remember, horses mirror back, so you have to work on yourself first.

The Power of Subtle Energy

Horses are highly attuned to subtle energy signals, that is how they survive in their natural settings. They can sense the slightest change in their energy field and instinctively respond with fight or flight. So, working on your emotional state and breathing can give amazing results in establishing a connection with the horse.

There is energy exchange happening when you are riding a horse. The place you are seated on a horse in the area of their heart chakra. That’s one reason why horses can feel every nuance of the body movement of the rider and energy flow between them. When seated on your horse imagine establishing a heart-to-heart connection with your horse in the mind’s eye and visualize an empowering energy flow between the two.

When you apply these techniques of equine energy exchange, you will find that both you and your horse will be more receptive in the training sessions of horse show jumping. It will help you in your journey of discovering the deep connection with your equine. Looking to get yourself an equine companion, check out Comly Sports Horses, a premier barn dealing in horse shows jumping training, warmblood horses for sale, Jumper horses for sale and other barn facilities.