Keeping your Horse Motivated during Winter: Tips for Healthy Training

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Winter is never kind to the living, especially the animals. Training your horse during the dark, dismal and gloomy winter can be an uphill battle. Anne Bradstreet rightly said, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome”. Training a horse during winter makes them more susceptible to injuries. It would be best if you adequately planned the training routine while considering the damage this season can cause. But you need not worry; we’ve got you covered. Our horse training services and hunter jumper lessons keep your horse healthy and happy during winter. 

Based on research and findings, we bring you some essential tips for healthy and motivated horse training during winter:

  • The Warm-Up Session: Walk or slow jog with your horse to loosen your own and your horse’s muscles. During winter, the horse is more susceptible to tendon and ligament injuries. Ensure you give adequate time to loosen the muscles before starting any rigorous training session.

  • The Groundwork: During the winter, the ground tends to become stiff and uneven, which can cause severe injuries to your beloved horse. Make sure you properly inspect the arena and level the field. Ensure that the arena is free of frost deposits.

  • Diversified Training: To keep your horse motivated for training, you must ensure that you bind your horse to a diversified routine. Make sure to amp up the training routine using diversified techniques.

  • Regular Health Inspection: Keep track of your horse’s immune system by monitoring your horse’s intestinal health. During winter, the horses require additional hay to keep them going. Make sure you monitor their required intake and hold a reserve for when the need arises.

  • Winter Gear: Albeit horses usually are good at adapting body temperature, they do not react well to frigid environments. Adequate winter gear can keep your horse warm and provide the suitable temperature that gets them going. 

Several training methods and formats can keep your horse motivated during winter. At Comly Sport Horse, we ensure that your horse receives adequate training and care for enhanced performance. Train with our expert trainers for better performance of your horse. Our training routine includes the following:

  • Hunter Jumper Lessons and Training: That has four training services per week, minimum of one training ride per week, and three treadmill sessions per week.

  • Monitoring Horse’s Health: We provide grain and coastal hay three times daily or as needed and administer the medicine and required healthy supplements. We also ensure scheduled deworming sessions and regular veterinary visits.

  • Full Care Boarding Facility: Includes 150 x 200 outdoor arenas and a fully enclosed indoor arena that gives ample space to your horse for its healthy and happy growth. 

If you want motivated horse training services and hunter-jumper lessons, visit the Comly Sport Horses’ website. With our extensive experience with sports horses, we provide various services for your hunter-jumper show horse.