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Horsing Around: The Importance of Play and Socialization for Your Horse

As an owner, you want the best for your horse. You provide him with a healthy diet, shelter, and regular exercise. However, one important aspect that many owners overlook is the importance of play and socialization for their horse. Whether you own a horse for leisure activities or want to train it for dressage, show […]

Mastering Horse Training: Techniques for Building a Strong Relationship with Your Horse

Horse training techniques for building a strong relationship with your horse

Horse training is a complex and delicate art that requires patience, discipline, and a deep understanding of the horse’s behavior and psychology. It is important to have an arsenal of effective training techniques based on trust, respect, and communication to establish a strong and harmonious relationship with your horse. In this article, let’s explore some […]

From Colt to Champion: The Journey of Horse Training

Discover the basics of horse training

For centuries, horses have been used for transportation, farming, and warfare. These days horses are more commonly used for sports and leisure activities such as racing, show jumping, and dressage. Horses in these fields require extensive training and conditioning before horses can become champions. In this article, we will explore the journey of horse training […]

What is the difference between Hunter and Jumper horses?

What is the difference between Hunter and Jumper horses

Horses have been used for centuries for various purposes, including transportation, farming, and sport. Hunting and jumping are two popular equine sports that have evolved. While both sports require the horse to perform athletic feats, there are fundamental differences between a hunter horse and a jumper horse. In this blog, we will explore the key […]

How to Choose the Right Warmblood Horse for Your Riding Level

Warmblood horses

Horses are magnificent creatures that have long been used for transportation, farming, and sports. They are intelligent animals trained to perform various activities, including jumping, dressage, and eventing. If you are considering buying your horse, you’re on the way to experiencing years of friendship, fun and excitement with a new riding partner.  It is incredibly […]

Warmblood Horses: Key Players in the Modern Sport Horse Industry

Warmblood Horses: Key Players in the Modern Sport Horse Industry

Warmblood horses have been the backbone of the sport horse industry for decades. These equine athletes have proved indispensable in various equestrian disciplines like show jumping, dressage, and eventing.  The term “warmblood” refers to a group of horse breeds that originated in Europe and are a cross between a cold-blooded draft horse and a hot-blooded […]

Finding the Ideal Horse Training Program for Your Riding Goals

horse training services

Horse training programs are essential for riders who want to improve their skills and reach their goals. Whether you are a beginner rider or a seasoned professional, finding the right training program can be challenging. In this Blog, we will discuss how to go about choosing the one that best fits your riding goals. How […]

How to Prepare Your Horse for First Racing in Grand Prix?

horse training services

Preparing your horse for its first Grand Prix race is an exciting and challenging task for any equestrian. Grand Prix events are the pinnacle of equestrian sports, and competing in them requires the best possible preparation for both the horse and rider.  In this article, we’ll provide useful tips on preparing your horse for its […]

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Horse

sport horses for sale

Buying a horse can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be a daunting task. Whether you’re an experienced equestrian or a first-time buyer, there are several things to consider when buying a horse.  Comly Sports Horses is a popular horse farm that offers sport horses for sale and hunter/jumper horses for sale in […]

Ready, Set, Jump: Tips For First-Time Show Jumpers with Comly Sport Horses

hunter jumper lessons

If you’re new to equestrian sports, you’re in for a treat. Show jumping is a thrilling and exciting discipline that tests horse and rider’s skill, athleticism, and training. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider looking to improve your skills, Comly Sport Horses, a horse training service in Texas, has the knowledge and experience to […]