Tips for Boarding Selection for horse show jumping

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Picking a boarding facility does not have to be nightmarish. Here are some tips to help you with the selection process. If you have been around the horse world or horse show jumping long enough, you might have heard the boarding barn fearing stories. The thought of looking for a new facility to board your […]

What makes a perfect Hunter Jumper Lesson and Boarding Barn?

Hunter Jumper Lesson Texas USA

When seeking for a new place to keep your horse, take a systematic approach to condense the likelihood of mistakes and displeasures. Hunter jumper lesson helps you better demonstrate the knowledge and skills required. A perfect barn improves a horse’s performance and strengthens the partnership. Where you board your horse, it can make or break […]

Beginner Tips for the Equestrian’s First Trip to the Gym

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Strength and stability of your body are put on test! Whether it’s a hunter horse show or jumper horse show – you have to become compatible with your horse which is the epitome of both. If you wish to build an admiring body like a Hunter Derby Rider or Grand Prix Rider, you can have […]

See Yourself As Your Horse Sees You

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Strength and performance – that is how the world knows the horses for. However, this is not enough for an owner, trainer and caretaker like you. You need to go beyond this. Today, we will talk about grooming the intrinsic characters in the pet that paves the path for great extrinsic results – Stealing the […]

5 Different Types Of Horse Jumps

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If you’ve ever witnessed an Equestrian event, you must have seen numerous horse jumps by riders in English saddles. When we talk about general jumping competitions, they usually have obstacles that are brightly colored and creatively designed. Whereas, in hunter and jumper competitions, the barriers are designed in such a way that they fall when […]

10 Tips to keep your horse healthy

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A domestic horse has a lifespan of around 25 years and to keep it happy and healthy during that time is your responsibility. To help you do the same, here is a list of 10 quick tips that you should follow – 1. Minimize your horse’s stress Horses are sensitive, downright, and nervous creatures which […]

Why Turnout Is Important for Your Horse

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Appropriate turnout for dressage horses is a troublesome and frequently terrifying point for conversation. Numerous dressage offices don’t permit broad turnout. Some top dressage ponies get basically no turnout. The monetary interest in these ponies can make transforming them out into a bigger field frightening for the proprietor, who fears the most exceedingly awful. Will […]

What Things to Keep in Mind When Going to Buy A Horse

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Buying a horse for the first is quite exciting for every aspiring horse rider. It is eventually what every rider thinks of. Finding and maintaining a horse may not be as easy or as cost-effective as you first think. Before buying a horse there are various factors to consider carefully such as the costs, the […]

Proven Ride-Better Practice Tips

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Horse riding is an exciting and challenging sport that takes a lot of effort and dedication. Whether you are new to it or a pro, there is always something new to learn. Always work on your riding skills to help you in the saddle, such as improving your fitness, remaining calm, and practicing balancing exercises. […]

Tips to Become the Best Horse Rider

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No matter what kind of riding you do unless you correctly use your leg, seat, and hand. This aids in good communication with your horse and how better he’ll perform. Many riders don’t understand that they’re unwittingly sending their horses confounding and contradictory signs. Hence remember a few things and that works best to become […]