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Preparatory Exercises for your Horse for Horse Show Jumping

Horse Training Services Texas USA

The health and happiness of your horse are of utmost importance. All Horses are required to be in full horse training services. This ensures that both horse and the rider receive ample instruction and are fit and ready to compete in the show ring. Professional horse training along with Preparatory Exercises for your Horse for […]

What makes a perfect Hunter Jumper Lesson and Boarding Barn?

Hunter Jumper Lesson Texas USA

When seeking for a new place to keep your horse, take a systematic approach to condense the likelihood of mistakes and displeasures. Hunter jumper lesson helps you better demonstrate the knowledge and skills required. A perfect barn improves a horse’s performance and strengthens the partnership. Where you board your horse, it can make or break […]

5 Different Types Of Horse Jumps

Types Of Horse Jumps Texas USA

If you’ve ever witnessed an Equestrian event, you must have seen numerous horse jumps by riders in English saddles. When we talk about general jumping competitions, they usually have obstacles that are brightly colored and creatively designed. Whereas, in hunter and jumper competitions, the barriers are designed in such a way that they fall when […]

Why Turnout Is Important for Your Horse

horse show jumping Texas USA

Appropriate turnout for dressage horses is a troublesome and frequently terrifying point for conversation. Numerous dressage offices don’t permit broad turnout. Some top dressage ponies get basically no turnout. The monetary interest in these ponies can make transforming them out into a bigger field frightening for the proprietor, who fears the most exceedingly awful. Will […]