Preparatory Exercises for your Horse for Horse Show Jumping

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The health and happiness of your horse are of utmost importance. All Horses are required to be in full horse training services. This ensures that both horse and the rider receive ample instruction and are fit and ready to compete in the show ring. Professional horse training along with Preparatory Exercises for your Horse for Horse Show Jumping is a must these days. Here are 4 Preparatory Exercises for your Horse for Horse Show Jumping.

Dressage fundamentals

‘No dressage, no jumping’ is not an insider tip anymore. However, one sometimes perceives show jumping riders and horses who can’t determine the essential dressage basics needed for positively completing a show jumping course. Keep in mind if your jumping position correct or not, can you ride your horse with a continuous, light contact, how is your extension posture, if you know how to help your horse attain inner and outer composure, and can you keep your horse in balance, even when riding on the second or third track?

Walking the course

You walk a jumping course beforehand riding not only because it appears professional, but because you just need to have a look at the obstacles. The latter, obviously, but it’s primarily to measure the distances and to guesstimate the speed as well as the number of strides amid obstacles. You have to know what’s important, with horse jumping exercises

Practicing distances – starting with step one

Don’t get anxious at the commencement and strain yourself by trying to know every distance instantly. There are many show jumping riders who have been at it for years and still can’t see every distance correctly. First focus on your rhythm. Discover the correct basic tempo at a canter. Your riding trainer can be of huge help. Timing is vital: move with your horse when it has really jumped off. Numerous riders do this wrong and make their horse insecure!

Gaining self-confidence

The self-confidence of both the horse’s and the riders are something not to be underestimated and misjudged in horse show jumping. The safe accomplishment of a jumping course requires reciprocated trust, as well as faith in yourself.

Owning horses is expensive, but to be a professional you have to take risks. If you are devoted, the hard work will pay off, because nothing can supplant the feeling of working hard for something you love. We at Comly Sport Horses understand your love and concerns for your horse. Therefore, we provide the best professional horse training for your horse. You don’t need to worry anymore as your horse is in professional and safe hands.