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What is the difference between Hunter and Jumper horses?

What is the difference between Hunter and Jumper horses

Horses have been used for centuries for various purposes, including transportation, farming, and sport. Hunting and jumping are two popular equine sports that have evolved. While both sports require the horse to perform athletic feats, there are fundamental differences between a hunter horse and a jumper horse. In this blog, we will explore the key […]

Consider These Points While Buying a Horse

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Do you love riding horses? Thinking to buy hunter-jumper horse breeds or any horse? You MUST know a few things and remember them while buying the horse. You might find many places claiming to sell the best hunter-jumper breeds, but to avoid being fooled by scammers, DO NOT forget the below-mentioned points. But before that, […]

Top 6 Essential Safety Rules To Follow Around Horses

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Do you know how you can stay safe when around horses? Is it difficult to figure out how to stay safe around horses? Learning a few safety precautions before handling a horse or just leaning over the fence to watch is crucial. Following basic horse safety rules can reduce the risk of injury when riding […]

5 Different Horseback Riding Styles for Beginners

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Horseback riding is a huge discipline that is classified not only by basic English and Western riding styles but also by a variety of other factors. It’s essential to understand the details of a particular horse riding style and the type of horse that best suits it if you want to improve your skills. Every […]