Things To Know For Boarding Selection For Horse Shows

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If you wish to find a new place to keep your horse, be meticulous in your search to minimize the risk of errors and disappointing outcomes. Riding experiences can be made or broken by where you board your horse. The stories of boarding barns may sound familiar to someone who has spent a lot of time around horses and horse show jumping. It is easier to pursue your riding goals when the facilities are well maintained and well run.
Set yourself up for success by putting your thoughts together first before searching for a new boarding barn for horse training services. Here are five things to know while choosing a boarding facility for a horse show.

Level Of Instruction

The level of instruction, of course, is critical. Riding horses is an expensive sport, and no one wants to waste their money on substandard training. A challenge for riding beginners is assessing the quality of instruction. Observing several lessons, taking note of the coaching style, and working through a variety of exercises is the best approach.

Horse Care Team And Protocols

Show barns have horse care teams which are required for the upkeep of the horses. Learn about the rules and processes for veterinarians, farriers, dentists, chiropractors, etc. If you already have a horse, you will need to know how things will change at the new barn. Ask if they will arrange for vaccinations or you will have to do it for your horse. Even if you don’t yet own a horse, understanding the care protocols upfront preps you for what’s involved if you do become a horse owner.

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Barn Facilities

In addition to meeting the needs of horses and riders, horse training facilities should be accessible to family members and friends. A show horse must have access to a turnout paddock as well as adequate stall space indoors. A riding arena, tack rooms, crossties, and wash racks are among the amenities required by riders. Friends and family need to have access to indoor spaces during inclement weather. As a rider and as an observer, consider what other facility needs you may have.

Methods Of Coaching

A successful coach is more than just an instructor when it comes to horse show jumping. During horse training, coaches inspire confidence in riders, motivate them and teach them skills. They adjust their style so every student gets a challenge that is appropriate for them. Ask your prospective trainer how lessons are scheduled and how you communicate with barn staff.

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Quality Footing

Horses’ long-term health is dependent on the quality footing is necessary. Make sure you walk through the riding arenas and observe if there is rough ground or too much soft ground. If possible, ask about the frequency of watering and dragging the arenas. A careless attitude toward footing is unacceptable. There are many showjumping horses in show barns, and they should at least have good training surfaces.

Get The Best Boarding For Your Horse

You can use these steps to organize your efforts and reduce the chances of forgetting something important as you search for boarding for horse shows. With Comly Sport Horse, you’ll be able to find horse boarding and training services that are the best in Texas and its neighboring areas. It is of utmost importance to us that your horse is healthy and happy. Comly Sport Horses requires all horses boarding there to be in full horse training so that both the horse and rider are well-trained and ready for competition.