Tips for Boarding Selection for horse show jumping

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Picking a boarding facility does not have to be nightmarish. Here are some tips to help you with the selection process. If you have been around the horse world or horse show jumping long enough, you might have heard the boarding barn fearing stories. The thought of looking for a new facility to board your horse at might is no wonder.While selecting for a new boarding barn isn’t always amusing. Here are some tips to help make the process a little easier.

Check online reviews

the internet can be a brilliant resource. The horse world is small – news gets everywhere. Research on the facility you are bearing in mind and see what pops up. Remember that anyone can post anything online, especially unhappy clients. But do take from the posts few precise questions to ask or things to keep an eye out for when you pay a visit on the farm. Also, you can post and ask for comments/recommendations from current and previous boarders.

Visit the facility

make an appointment to visit the facility. Meet with the owner/manager of the barn. Compile a list of questions you would like to question before you go out.

Take it at face value

one of the chief things to do is to take the facility as it is on the day you visit. If they tell you about all the amazing upgrades and improvements, they are planning to make that’s great.

Talk to the current clients

while you are there at the facility, have a conversation with some of the existing boarders if you get the chance. They can offer understandings on the farm. This helps you to get a feel for what the community at the barn is like. After all, you might be spending a lot of time around these folks!


if you are stern about a specific facility, drop in unannounced sometime (during regular barn hours). Observe if there is any difference in the level of care and attention to detail as the staff did not know a potential client was stopping by.

No barn is perfect

it is very sporadic to find a facility that meets all your criteria. Therefore, make a list of what is important for yourself and your horse, going from most vital to least, and be prepared to compromise on somethings.
Barn selecting can be a lot of work. You might feel like you’re interviewing people, which eventually you are! But if you do your homework and research, you will be one step nearer to finding a great place for your horse to call home.Boarding selection for horse show jumping is now very easy, you can get this done quicker with brands like comly sport horses.

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