Top 6 Essential Safety Rules To Follow Around Horses

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Do you know how you can stay safe when around horses? Is it difficult to figure out how to stay safe around horses? Learning a few safety precautions before handling a horse or just leaning over the fence to watch is crucial. Following basic horse safety rules can reduce the risk of injury when riding or handling horses.

Keep in mind these six essential safety rules to follow around horses.

1. Let Your Presence Be Known

When you approach, let your presence be known by speaking in your normal tone. The horse should also be aware of your approach. The odds of a horse kicking, biting, or running away are reduced when it knows you are approaching. It could be dangerous for you and the horse if you do not make your presence known and surprise a horse. Approach a horse from an angle on the side where they can see you.

2. Don’t Wrap Your Lead Rope, Hold It

Never tie the lead rope to your body if you lead your horse with a halter. You may get dragged if the horse takes off while the lead rope is wrapped around your arm. This is true regardless of the horse gear you use. Be careful not to connect the gears to your own body if it is attached to your horse.

Horse Safety Rules

3. Tie-Off Your Horse Correctly

An emergency can be handled easily if you tie off your horse using a quick-release knot. Never tie your horse up with its reins. Horses may suffer severe oral injuries if they are tied off with reins. The quick-release knot should be tied to a panic snap. Twine makes an excellent panic strap.

4. Wear The Right Clothing

The right clothing will play a significant role in keeping you safe around horses. It’s crucial to wear a certified helmet whenever you ride. You should wear sturdy hard-toed shoes or boots with half an inch heels that will protect your feet from injury if the horse or pony steps on them.

Horse Riding Safety Tips

5. Feeding treats

A hungry horse looks at treats and fingers alike. You might get a nasty bite if you don’t take care. Feeding a horse treats from the palm of a flattened hand is the safest way. If your horse or pony is greedy, put treats in a bucket before giving them. Horse safety should always be a top priority for every rider, regardless of their experience level. To keep you and the horse safe, you must empower yourself with information.

6. Groom cautiously

It is vital to place your hand on the horse’s hindquarters or shoulder as you groom him. It helps the horse know where you are at all times so that they will not be frightened.

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