What Breed is the best for Horse Show Jumping?

Horse Show Jumping Texas USA

The most important thing while taking part in your first jumping event is to enjoy yourself, irrespective of the type of event. To some degree, it does not matter what breed of horse you are riding, given that your horse can jump. That said though,if you don’t own a horse and are seeking for an excellent horse to get started on with horse show jumping then here are some horses you can go for.

A. Quarter Horse

Height: Mostly Quarter Horses have the height between 14 hh (56 inches) and 16 hh (64 inches).
Character: The Quarter Horse is a very giving horse that is happy to entertain. These horses are intelligent that have kind natures.

Country of origin: USA

Generally, Quarter Horses are considered as typical Western horses instead as a jumper. It is the most popular Western breed. The Quarter Horse is very muscular.It not only gives a powerful jump but it is capable of turning on a sixpence as well. This makes it great around a jumping course.

B. Welsh cob

Height: Welsh Cob Horses stand between at least 13.2 hh (53 inches) with no upper limit.Though the average height is 15 hh (60 inches).

Character: Like all Welsh Ponies and Cobs they have friendly personalities and even temperaments. They are also acknowledged for their endurance.

Country of origin: United Kingdom, (Wales in particular)
The largest of all of the Welsh breeds – the Welsh Cob (or Welsh Section D), is pronounced as ‘the best ride and drive animal in the world.’ It is a testament to the versatility of the breed. This horse breed is now extremely popular as a hunter jumper.

C. Grade Horse

Height: Any height
Character: The character of a Grade Horse can be varied as it is a crossbreed. This is one of the reasons why they can make such good entry-level jumping horses. Being well-defined as any horse whose parentage is unknown, this mix can produce a wide range of results. Many Grade Horses aren’t appropriate for jumping but at the same time, with a bit of research, you can find a great jumping horse at a part of the cost of a pure-bred jumper.

D. Irish Draught

Height: The Irish Draught stand between maximum height is 16.3 hh (65 inches) although most horses stand at around 15.2hh (61 inches).

Character: Irish Draughts are easy-going and enthusiastic horses.They enjoy being around people. They are intelligent and easy to train.
Country of origin: Ireland

The Irish Draught is often considered as the English equivalent to the Quarter Horse.It’s a good contender in terms of popularity. The Irish Draught is a remarkable horse that is happy in pretty much all disciplines.It also holds the capability of competing at all levels, from beginner to international professional. Overall, they are ideal for all types of jumping.

The health and happiness of your horse are of utmost importance. All Horses are required to be in full horse training services. This ensures that both horse and the rider receive ample instruction and are fit and ready to compete in the show ring. Professional horse training is a must these days. We at Comly Sport Horses train all types of horses.