What Makes A Good Show Jumping Barn in Texas?

Show jumping barns

Texas leads the world when it comes to the number of horse owners and shows jumping barns. That makes a highly competitive industry of horse jumping barns in Texas. Luckily, the people are so passionate about the horses that there are plenty of good horse barns to choose from. But apart from cost, hygiene, quality of feed, safety, etc., there are more characteristics that make a good show jumping barn.

Here are 4 Major Characteristics For A Perfect Show Jumping Barn in Texas: 

1. Positive Culture of The Show Jumping Barn

Every horse barn has a culture, defined by the customs of an institution or barn. There are certain ways of training that set the uniqueness of every barn. There are some barns that house more beginner riders and there are some with more professional ones. Competition is good but too much competition and too many riders taking classes with you can overwhelm your experience. If you are highly competitive, ask for private training and look for instructors who are experienced in creating successful riders. Visit the barn a couple of times to understand the vibe and the culture of a horse show barn and decide for yourself.

2. Quality Of Training

The quality of training will depend on the expertise of the barn owners and instructors. A highly experienced trainer will know how to deal with every horse and student. If the barn offers five-star facilities but the training quality is sub-par, it is of no use. Your horse might be happy to get the services but you need the proper training to be good at show jumping.

3. Facilities Of The Horse Jumping Barn

Large, safe stalls with proper amenities are much needed. There should be a safe source of heat in the winter. The jumping barn must be equipped with all facilities to serve in every weather condition.

Comly Sport Horses Full-Service Show Barn Features:

  • 150 x 200 Outdoor Arena
  • Fully Enclosed Indoor Arena
  • 12 x 12 Matted Stalls
  • Large Round Pen
  • Automatic Fly Spray System
  • On-site Owner and Grooms

4. Reliable Communication

It’s not easy to run a successful show jumping barn. The trainers and owners spend long hours in the arena and it’s much difficult to run a horse facility than it looks. They wouldn’t have much time to spare for every student. However, as a paying customer, you must have direct communication with the trainer or owner. The communication may be through any kind of sources, be it calling, messaging, mailing, Facebook, or any other. This will build reliability and your confidence to become successful in your craft. This will also establish a healthy relationship between you, the barn, and the horse.

A perfect barn improves a horse’s performance and strengthens the partnership. The owner of Happy Comly Sports has been riding horses since she was 3 years old. There’s no better one to trust for the important jumper lessons of your warmblood horse. We provide a range of different services for your hunter/jumper show horse and show jumping lessons in Texas.