What Things to Keep in Mind When Going to Buy A Horse

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Buying a horse for the first is quite exciting for every aspiring horse rider. It is eventually what every rider thinks of. Finding and maintaining a horse may not be as easy or as cost-effective as you first think.

Before buying a horse there are various factors to consider carefully such as the costs, the time and commitment involved, and where to keep the horse so check out our guides.


Before investing in a horse, it’s essential to be aware of the time, commitment and other things needed to make sure the requirements of the horse are met

Before buying a horse, it is important to be aware of the time, commitment, and other factors required to ensure the needs of the horse or pony are met. It is also important to clarify the type of horse you look for.


Buying the right horse can be a tedious process hence starting your search be prepared for the cost involved in looking for a perfect horse.


You must be realistic about your own capabilities as a horse owner as this is important in determining what type of horse you need to look for. There is no point buying or loaning a horse that is beyond your capabilities as this will make what is supposed to be an enjoyable partnership into a horrendous and potentially dangerous one!


When you buy a horse, you take a big enormous commitment, so one must think of the long-term future of the horse. If you invest in a pony, what will you do with a pony? Would you sell it, loan it?
Would you keep pony when its old or retired? Do you know how to care for an old horse? How will you handle or deal with the horse you have bought?


Once you have decided on your budget, and consider the aforementioned points, the next step to consider is that what purpose and activity you will want the horse for whether it will be used for hacking, competition, or only as a companion? Is there are a particular breed you look for within your price range? Ask yourself what important qualities your horse must have? Make a list of aspirations and stick to them.
• Height
• Age
• Breed
• Bloodlines
• Color
• Sex
• Personality traits
• Competition ability/ history

Hopefully, the above tasks will have made you think about what your true abilities are. There is no harm in accepting that you aren’t an expert that you are not the best at finding a horse, there still has plenty of scope for learning for everyone no matter how good they think they are.

You don’t require to be an expert to buy a horse, but the willingness to learn and take advice is essential. Get in touch with Comly Sports Horse to find perfect horse or pony as per your needs.