Why The Right Horse Matter To Win Hunter Jumper Show?

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Horse shows exhibit the sublime relationship between equestrian and equine. These shows are a test of training, athleticism, and preparedness to help to improve and advance the equine sport. At the same time, these shows can be quite stressful as well.

The hunter jumpers test riders and horses on their skills to put in elegant and rhythmic rounds. These are competitive shows and horses should be in excellent jumping form, follow a steady rhythm, and showcase beautiful movement. At the same time, the horses should be cautious and ensure to leave fences up. To put it simply, having the right horse matters a lot to win any hunter jumper show.

It is not only the rider but the horse that needs to be fully prepared. The rider had to be calm and focused before entering the ring. However, he should also have the right horse with a set of desirable skill sets to perform well in the show.

What are the General Qualities of a Good Jumping Horse?

Horse show jumping is a sport where speed and accuracy are tested. The event requires horses to be in excellent shape as they have to jump many obstacles without disturbing the rails. The participating horses should be easily maneuverable and adjust their pace to clear the stacked with minimum faults or errors.

Thus, the right horse for show jumping should be brave and athletic. They should be quick to adapt to new environments like horse shows. The right horse should show a willingness to jump even when the fences look spooky and new. Unlike a majority of western disciplines, in jumping disciplined, the participating horse should be typically taller. Most frequently, jumpers are about 16 hands high. It does not, however, mean that smaller horses are not capable of being a good amount in these shows.

Distinctions between Jumpers and Hunters

The most significant distinction between jumpers and hunters is how they are judged. Experienced horsemen usually judge hunters subjectively based on their movement and style and conformation, Other judgment parameters are the quality and conformation of the round in some cases. Judging is completely objective in the jumper categories. The criteria are runouts, faults incurred for refusals falls and rails down. To cut it short, while a hunter round is usually a personal judgment, the fastest clean round is always victorious in the jumper round- irrespective of style.

Right Horse for Hunter Jumper Show

The hunter jumpers test riders and horses on their skills to showcase elegant and rhythmic rounds. The right horse should be in great form to show competitiveness in these events. Certain qualities are highly desirable if you want your horse to win. Check them out below:

Desirable qualities in a horse to win a hunter jumper show

  1. The horse should have a visually pleasing appearance and a rhythmic motion of the gait
  2. Solid form over jumps
  3. Movement across the ground i.e. how it canters trots and walks
  4. The mind of the horse i.e., how it thinks and the personality
  5. Should have undergone quality hunter jumper lessons

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