Rules for Horse Show Jumping Boot

Horse Show Jumping Texas USA

Have you heard about show jumping back boot rules? Rules for horse show jumping boots are extremely important. These new regulations ensure that you have the correct kit for your horse. If you are in any ambiguity about the boots you are using, it’s advisable to check with the steward before you jump.

For all FEI Jumping Competitions for Young Horses (five, six, seven, and eight-year-old Horses): The following rules must be followed with hind boots worn in international Young Horses Competitions:

  • Hind boots with a protective element on the inside are only the only type of rear boot allowed. The boot must have a maximum interior length of 16 centimeters; the fastener’s width must be at least five centimeters. Hind boots with additional protection for the pastern that extends below the rounded shell on the inside of the boot are allowed providing the security is made of soft, pliable material. The pastern protection that extends below the round shell on the inside is not taken into account when measuring the boot’s length. 
  • The rounded protective element of the boot should be placed around the inside of the fetlock.
  • The inside of the boot must be smooth, i.e., the surface must be even. There may not be any pressure points on the inside of the boot. For the avoidance of doubt, stitching on the inside of the protective element that attaches the boot’s inner lining is permitted.
  • Only non-elastic Velcro-type fasteners are permitted; no hooks, clips, buckles, or other methods of attaching the pins may be used.
  • No additional elements may be added to be inserted in the boot itself.
  • Fetlock rings may be used for security purposes providing they are appropriately adjusted and providing the total weight of equipment on the horse’s leg does not exceed 500g. Pastern bands may not be used.

These were some of the Rules for Horse Show Jumping Boot. We at Comly Sport Horses help you establish your efforts in a way that upsurges your chances of finding a state that meets those needs. Details such as the Rules for Horse Show Jumping Boot, barn’s distance from your office, the accessibility of people to help with farriery and veterinary visits, or policies governing the use of outside trainers and coaches may appear minor at first. Still, they can eventually make all the variance in your satisfaction with your boarding measures.

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