5 Brutal Truths About Hunter Jumper Lessons

Hunter Jumper Lessons Texas, USA

Probably, you are excited to start your hunter jumper lessons and can’t wait to master this particular art. As fun as it may sound, it would be a mistake to expect it to be relatively straightforward.

There are many things expected to make horse training successful. That’s most likely why you have heard many things you ought to know or do about it all. However, there are things often spoken about or sugarcoated. However, this piece wants to highlight the 5 brutal truths about hunter jumpers you should know.

1. The training program matters

Don’t just select your training program for the sake of it. Just like most services out there, some are bad, whereas others are pathetic. Don’t expect to be a Grand Prix horse rider if you choose the latter. As much as becoming the best hunter or jumper may seem easy, it isn’t, and it can even get harder without the right teacher.

2. Efforts matter too

It is important to note that selecting the best training program such as Comly Sport Horses may be a step closer to becoming one of the finest hunters or jumpers but not the final. You always have to ensure that you are doing everything possible to master a lesson and get better each passing day. It is you and only you who can determine whether you will win. After all, the horse draws its inspiration to ride and win from you. You can only be its excellent source of inspiration if you put in a lot of effort.

3. You will have to listen to your horse

As you train, be keen on the behavior of your horse. There is always a reason behind your horse misbehaving and anxiety. Therefore, if the horse is making a particular jump or sound, you better try and find out why that’s happening. You can rest assured that a horse doesn’t just spook something repeatedly for no reason. Therefore, if you want to continue with your hunter jumper lessons, you better figure it out soon and fast. Equally important, you need to get it right because only then can you solve it. As long as the issue remains unresolved, the training can’t go well, and the adverse side effects may be long-term.

4. Keep in mind that horses are sensitive

No matter how dull your horse may be, never underestimate the sensitivity of these creatures. Remember that you are not the only one training and the horse also has to do the same since you are a team. Did you know that when it comes to hunters, the judgment is based on the horse? The judges will observe their moves, jumps, attitude, strides, and shape of their jump. Do you see why the horse must learn these tricks? They train with the help of their sensitivity. As a result of the sensitivity, your horse learning and reaction are based on your body movement and support. They tend to notice when you are unsure, relaxed, or confident and always react similarly.

5. Don’t expect your horse to be better than you

As you take your hunter jumper lessons, don’t always blame the horse for everything that goes wrong. In most cases, you, the rider, are the one at fault. You are either doing something wrong or not doing what you should do. Many are times when trainers expect too much from the horse. That’s unfair because it is your responsibility to inspire it and not the other way round.


As you walk into those hunter jumper barns in Texas, you better have all that in mind. Humility, hard work, and better choices will make all the difference. Put your ego aside, stop expecting too much from the horse, play your part well, and only then can you have successful hunter jumper lessons.