What Is A Snaffle Bit And How Does It Work?

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During hunter-jumper classes, riders employ a variety of tools and strategies to connect with their horses. In the communication process, the bit is extremely significant. Riders can select from a range of horse bit styles, each of which serves a different purpose in terms of improving communication and safety. In this blog, we will discuss what snaffle bits are and how they are used to communicate better with your horse.

What is a Bit?

First, we will learn what exactly a bit is. It is part of the bridle that the horse wears around its head. With the bit, the rider communicates with the horse by using strategic pulls along with the reins, which tells the horse what the rider wants to communicate especially during horse show jumping in Texas.

What is a Snaffle Bit?

There are basically two types of bits: the leverage bit and the snaffle bit. We will learn more about snaffle bit as it is an important piece of equipment used by riders for different types of horse jumps. The most common type of bit is the snaffle bit that requires two hands to operate. A snaffle bit has a mouthpiece that can be joint or flat, rings on both ends that connect directly to the reins, and no shank.

The pull ratio on snaffle bits is always 1:1. The headstall and reins of the bridle are attached in the same ring. The horse’s head is brought up and in by applying equal pressure to the corners of his mouth and lower jaw bars. Their motion is gentle, and they’re designed to glide across the horse’s mouth without hurting.

There are Four Different Types of Snaffle Bits:

  1. A loose-ring snaffle features a mouthpiece that attaches to sliding rings and rotates the bit if the horse tries to grasp it. This snaffle bit is useful because if the animal tries to control the bit, it will rotate on the rings.

  2. A full cheek snaffle bit features cheekpieces that extend above and below the bit to help maintain it in place and prevent it from getting stuck on the horse’s lips or other parts of the mouth.

  3. The eggbutt snaffle bit is regarded as one of the softest bit as it does not pinch the corner of the horse’s mouth. It gets its name from the egg-shaped link between the bit-ring and the mouthpiece.

  4. The Dee Ring snaffle bit is the same as eggbutt, the ends of the mouthpiece join as a hinge where the bit-ring is connected.

How to use Snaffle Bit?

To persuade the horse to move sideways in any direction, direct pressure is applied. It requires the use of two hands by the rider. One hand pulls on one rein while the other pushes over the horse’s neck the opposing rein. Remember to try gently, persuade with gentle tugs, and then command by twisting the horse’s head around. Your horse will begin to respond to light pressure with patience and consistency. A snaffle bit is a crucial piece of horse equipment, but finding the proper one for your horse may require some trial and error.

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